Cat & Home Care Services provided each day:

*Individual Attention, Affection, Play, & Health Assessment

*Feeding & Watering

*Litterbox Scooping

*Brushing & Nail Trimming (as "permitted" by pet :-)

*Medication as directed (we do not provide insulin injections or subcutaneous fluids)

*Cleaning & Tidying of Pet Items & Areas

*Security Check of Doors & Windows (Security System Operation if applicable)

*Mail & Newspaper Pick Up

*Garbage & Recycling Containers Out/In

*Alteration of Lights/Blinds

*Indoor Plant Care (Outdoor Plant Care on a limited basis)

Rates & Hours:

Daily visits are required to ensure each pet's social, health, and safety needs    

Visits are provided only once per day, between 9am & 4 pm, 7 days per week

Cats &/or Rabbits must be indoor-only pets, even when the owner is home

Each visit is 30 min. @ $32.00/day (additional cats and/or complexity of visit will incur additional charges on a case by case basis)   

Major holidays are 1.5 times the regular rate per day

Initial Consultation (pre-trip planning & introduction session) is no charge & is required


Ray Di Lauro kissing on cat client Jonesy   


                                                (425) 868-1030